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Jean-Marc DUFOUR - Lawyer


Following his law training at the Faculty of Law of Aix-en-Provence, Mr Dufour gained a specialization in Company intellectual property rights from the Institute of Business Law (IDA).

After a first experience in a Parisian business law firm, Mr Dufour was, the legal manager of AKWELL Group for 9 years (formerly MGI COUTIER listed on the 2d Market ) one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world.


From this experience of the automotive industrial world, Mr Dufour has acquired a practical knowledge of the legal issues related to the industrial and commercial activities of companies both on the Client side as well as on the Supplier side.

His complete investment in the management of the cases entrusted to him, his results, his rapid understanding of the problems encountered, make Mr Dufour the ideal partner for business leaders who require a concise, though pratical with thoroughly effective bespoke solutions to their daily concerns.

The topics that business leaders may have to face can be for example, those related to industrial development (Research / Development / Application-sales of specific products and / or catalogs), as well as questions concerning :

- Intellectual property rights (who owns the developments, interfaces)

- responsibility (who is responsible for what, and in what proportion),

- Management of the subcontracting chain.

- Factors to consider for the creation or non creation of a company.

Whatever the problem encountered in the course of your respective activities, Mr. Dufour will help in providing you the most appropriate solution to your current problem.

Indeed the principal activity of Mr DUFOUR concerns the business law applied to industrial and commercial activities. He has acquired an enhanced working experience and acutely accurate understanding in the many varied domains of the industrial world through his office of lawyer and many varied cases subsequenty, which makes his intervention particularly relevant in litigation and equally in council.

Field of intervention and fees

Mr Dufour has in-depth competence in all aspects of business law. Mr Dufour can assist you in litigation in front of the French court and European institutions in the following matters :
- Company law (all fields)
- Commercial contratct (any kind of contracts)
- Intellectual Property Rights 
- Environmental law
- Insurance law
- Criminal business law.

Mr Dufour is fluent both in written and spoken English. He can help you in any operation that would require a lawyer with a multidisciplinary culture, and an international experience. Indeed, in addition to evolving in various industrial sectors, a significant part of ihis clientele is global, some in Europe, some in the United States, South Ammerica, as well as in Asia, which has give him a thorough grounding in the art of negociating across many cultures.


Fees are determined in advance with the Client, during the first meeting in a completely transparent way, thus allowing for a perfect control of costs. A fee agreement approved by the French National Bar Council will be proposed prior to any intervention. The fees may depend on the time spent, the legal difficulty of the file or the economic and financial issues. Thus several modes of invoicing can be proposed:

A lump sum contract

In cases where a fee budget can be determined in advance, a package may be offered to the customer. This is often the case for recurring files or those that do not present any particular technical difficulties.

An hourly rate 

In the case of complex files, consultations, legal arrangements or audits, or procedures that do not allow for forecasting the necessary volume of due dillligence required.

A Success fees

Sometimes it is possible to consider a performance fee. Such a fee may, however, be fixed only in addition to an initial fee fixed at a flat rate or at an hourly rate.

Start up - Creation of a company for beginners

In the case of setting up an agreement aimed at supporting the development of a company, preferential conditions may be offered to entrepreneurs.

A subscription contract

In a rapidly changing business, companies need legal assistance with quick and precise answers to their queestion. These questions may affect any field of ​​law (company, intellectual property, insurance, contract, liability, environmental law).

In order to respond to this reality Mr Dufour proposes partnership agreements. Those have been very much appreciated by the firm's clients who have chosen this path. Through subscription contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, in order to respond in the most appropriate manner to the daily needs of customers. This subscription can cover all aspects of business law and creates a strong and supportive link that will establish a trust and support throughout all the difficult times that any business can experience and thus best meet the customers expectations. 

This formula has a considerable advantage in making your company prepare and anticipate for possible litigation or avoiding litigation completly by tackling the issue before it creates a legal issue.  

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